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CP-30 M4 II

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FLM CP-30 M4 II Product-No.: 3230911

The CP-30 M4 II belongs to the new FLM tripod series without centre column. The tripod is therefore particularly rigid and highly loadable. The CP-30 has a load capacity of up to 20 kg.

The legs consist of 4 segments. Therefore the tripod can be pushed together to a packing size of 57 cm. With this model the legs cannot be folded upwards, as was possible with the old models with centre column. Instead, the CP-30 has an improved and more stable mechanism for the locking function of the tripod legs and a new shoulder made of CNC-milled aluminium. In combination with the new, also CNC-milled Aulimium leg connection pieces, this increases the strength and durability compared to the previous die-cast parts.

In the case of the foot system, in response to numerous customer requests, the simple system with separately attached rubber feet or spikes has now been installed. The foot end is equipped with a 3/8 inch thread and allows the attachment of accessories from other manufacturers, which are equipped with a 3/8 inch thread.

Delivery includes rubber feet, spikes and tools for changing.

The CP-30 M4 II is completely assembled at FLM China (Beijing), our Chinese partner for the Asian region. We have decided to do this in order to quickly get a new tripod series to our tripod heads. However, we take great care to ensure that our quality specifications are met. Each tripod is individually checked before delivery and only after a thorough inspection does it receive a serial number lasered on by us.

A good source of information for the comparison of tripods and technical data as well as tests can also be found on the

FLM CP-30 M4 II Item No.: 3230911
  • Type: CP-30 M4 II
  • Ø mounting plate: 7 mm
  • Thread diameter receptacle: 3/8"
  • Thread diameter for accessories on the outer ring of tripod plate: 1/4"
  • Material tripod legs: carbon fibre, 10-ply
  • Leg segments: 4 each
  • Ø upper leg segment: 30 mm
  • Ø lowest leg segment: 18 mm
  • max. height: 163 cm
  • height min.: 8,5 cm
  • packing size: 57 cm
  • Load capacity: 20 kg
  • weight: 1,4 Kg
  • EAN-Code: 4260231032133
  • Item No.: 32 30 911
  • FLM CP-30 M4 II
  • FLM CP-30 M4 II

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