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N. Alexander Otto

N. Alexander Otto | Germany
N. Alexander Otto | Germany FLM brand representative Germany

For ten years now Alexander is photographing the most stunning nature scenery across Europe and the world. He inherited his wanderlust from his parents and it led him to faraway places like Lesotho, Japan or the tops of the Rocky Mountains. Alexander is capturing the ephemeral character of light around the globe and creates calm anchors for the viewers of his works. After his university career in Media Studies he is now a full time landscape photographer and is leading photo tours, holding seminars, writing for magazines and does counseling for various companies. His passion for photography is always at the center of his ventures. He is a proud endorser of FLM because for his excursions it is imperative to have the best gear available in order to hunt for light in difficult conditions and FLM offers the best carbon fibre tripods on the market all made in Germany.

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