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mk-messtechnik GmbH

What we can

We do offer:

optical transmission links for a wide variety of signal types
Analog signals

Digital, optical transmission of analog signals, up to 16 channels, different bandwidths, resolution and input voltage available
Automotive links

Optical transmission of CAN, Flexray, K-Line, LAN-BCM89810, LIN, LVDS, SENT, SPI, PSI5
d AV-camera systems

Optical transmission of audio / video signals in SD and HD resolution
d AV transmission

Digitale, optical transmission of analog audio/video signal, intercom
Digitale Signale

1394, LAN (10Mbit, 100Mbit, 1Gbit), RS232, RS485, TTL, USB
power supply with regulated and unregulated voltage

Customized customizations of our standard devices are of course possible at any time. For further questions please contact us by phone or e-mail:

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