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The interchangeable systems

Quick-release systems such as the QRB series allow the camera to be mounted quickly yet precisely and securely to the tripod head without tedious screwing. The quick-release plate is fixed in the tripod thread of the camera or telephoto lens and remains there. The specific plate mounting is attached to the tripod head and thus allows the camera to be quickly fixed on the head.

FLM offers the right change system for every application.

- FLM-PRP interchangeable systems for small compact cameras.

- FLM-SRB serie is for more heavy cameras and objectives

- FLM-QRB series, the fastest way to mount a camera on your tripod

- FLM-QRP series of interchangeable dovetail plates

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On the homepage of the author and originator of the UniQ/C standard, Dr. Christian Jehle, you will find additional information on base plate compatibility:

Here you can find more information about the UniQ/C standard. FLM has joined this standard. It is intended to guarantee that plates and angles of the companies involved (Berlebach®, Cullmann®, Linhof®, Novoflex®, FLM®) are compatible. The initiator of the UniQ/C standard and author, Dr. Christoph Jehle, can also provide information on Arca-Swiss compatibility if necessary.

We explicitly point out that camera plates and angles of RRS® and Kirk® cannot be used on FLM photo bases.

If you would like to know whether your camera plate or an angle from another manufacturer can be used with the FLM SRB/-QRB systems, please come and visit us at our exhebiton in 71263 Weil der Stadt/Germany. We will then check the compatibility on site in your presence.

In the register ArcaSwiss you will find additional information on the ArcaSwiss standard.

What does ArcaSwiss compatibility actually mean

FLM now deliberately avoids the term "ArcaSwiss®-compatible" with regard to camera plates and angles. This term is now used by almost every manufacturer of camera plates, although they are often not compatible. This is often due to the fact that the plates, which are usually cut from extruded profiles, do not have the dimensional accuracy required for use on quick-change systems. The fact that many plates then do not fit on the base or do not find a hold there or that the shutter does not close completely is usually blamed on the manufacturer of the base. But before making a hasty judgment, it is worthwhile to first inform yourself about the background of the alleged ArcaSwiss standard.

As far as we know, Arca itself has at least 3 different dovetail profiles in circulation over the years. Which one is the standard that manufacturers of photo bases could follow? Former products and the shapes are protected by patents. Only products which older than 30 years can be produced from everyone without patent harming, if the patent was already running out.

In the register UniQ/C you will find additional information about the UniQ/C standard.

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