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Base unit remove

To repair anything inside of the ball head, you need to deassemble the base unit. This video shows on a CB-43 how to deassmble the base unit. The difference to smaller or bigger ball heads are, they have less or more screws than the showed CB-43. The rest of it is the same.

The first video discribes all steps you need to do for deassembling the base unit.

The second video explains in detail how to deassemble the PAN-knob. Please note, that if you remove the PAN-knob, you need a rubber O-ring replacement, cause the ring is becoming defect by removing the PAN-knob.

The third video shows in detail how to find the recess in the Teflon washer which is under the base cap and to match the hole in the cap with the teflon washer recess.
The caps hole and the recess must become matching. If they are matching, you need to turn the cap and the plate by using any appropriate tool. The cap and the plate must become turned at the same time. Turn them, till you find the first screw head. Open the screw and remove her fully. Then turn again till you find the next screw. Return this step, till you have found and open all screws. Than you can remove the base unit.

We recommend to view all videos before start working.

The screws which fit the base unit to the housing, providing Torx® drive.

Base unit disassembly

PAN-knob remove detailed

find the gap in the washer (close up)

screws removing (close up)

Assembling after repair

To close the ball head again, do the steps from before in reverse order. Please remind, that you need a new rubber ring for the PAN-knob.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us.

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