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Welcome, what can we do for you

You want advice or have technical questions? You need replacement parts? Problems with our products?
Call us, we are happy to help.

Phone: +49 (0)7021 92807-53 | Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm
Fax: +49 (0)7021 95669-26
e-mail: flm(at)

Your contact person:
Diana Fras (Mrs)
Dirk Pfahl (Mr)

Our address:
mk-messtechnik GmbH
Department FLM products
Zeppelinstr. 1
73274 Notzingen

Do you have a defective tripod head, tripod or accessory item and would like to send it in for repair?

The following does not apply to returns relating to the revocation of a purchase contract.

1) Please be sure to inform us before sending the item. Send us photos of your item in advance. We can then often clarify in advance whether the item can be repaired and whether it is more or less expensive or whether a repair is worthwhile. Some older items (manufactured before 2017) may also not be able to be repaired as parts are no longer available.

2) Items that are sent from non-EU countries must be sent in such a way that all customs formalities have been completed so that we do not incur any additional processing costs or costs. If this is the case, the costs must be passed on to the customer. Therefore, please ask us by e-mail before shipping which formalities need to be completed.

3) Please be sure to download our repair form [94 KB] [94 KB] and print it out (b/w is sufficient).

4) Please complete the repair form [94 KB] [94 KB] in full and enclose it with the item.

Return address:
Repairs can be sent directly to mk-messtechnik | FLM Division | Zeppelinstraße 1 | D-73274 Notzingen

In all cases, please print out the repair form, complete it in full and enclose it with the item.

Please note in particular:

For shipments from non-EU countries, a pro forma invoice in quadruplicate must be attached to the outside of the parcel. If this is not done, import fees and customs duties will be incurred, which the sender must pay themselves. Therefore, please contact us in advance before you release a shipment. We can provide you with important information.

5) Pack the item well in a sturdy box and send it to the above address

6) Please send us an e-mail announcing the shipment. Please also provide us with the consignment number / consignment ID and the shipping service provider (e.g. UPS, DHL, etc.) We can then monitor receipt.

7) If the returned/submitted item is still under warranty (guarantee), we will repair defects that are attributable to production and/or assembly by FLM free of charge and reimburse the shipping costs. The return shipment will of course also be free of charge.

Note: Shipping costs for the delivery and return of repairs under warranty will only be covered by us to the extent of the usual standard shipping costs. Please be sure to contact us before sending the product. Depending on the circumstances, we may send you a shipping label in advance.

Attention, please note: Any warranty or guarantee is void for items that have been attempted to be repaired by the customer or where visible marks and/or damage have been inflicted using tools. Repairs can then no longer be carried out free of charge.

8) After receipt and assessment, we will decide whether we can carry out a repair and whether this is subject to the warranty/guarantee or whether this is subject to a charge. We will then inform you immediately of our decision.

9) The repair or further procedure will then be carried out in consultation with you. As soon as the item has been repaired, it will be returned by UPS or DHL parcel. We will inform you about the shipment and you will receive a shipment ID from UPS/DHL by e-mail, provided that you have agreed to the transmission of your e-mail address to UPS/DHL (please note the privacy policy).

Repair ticket

Repair ticket

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